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NP0104 10HP Teco-Westinghouse Electric Motor, NEMA Premium Efficiency, Inverter Duty, 1800 Rpm, TEFC, 215T, 3 Ph, 230/460V, (Usable on 208V.)


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Product Description

Catalog Number: NP0104
Motor Type: MAX-PE NEMA Prem Eff. TEFC Inverter Duty
Frame: 215T
HP: 10
RPM: 1800
Voltage: 230/460
Enclosure: TEFC
Approx Weight: 219 lbs.


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Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (IP44 Rating)
Meets or Exceeds NEMA Premium Efficiency Levels
Department of Energy Efficiency Certificate #CC002A
36 Month Warranty from Date of Manufacture
60 Hz – 230/ 460V (Usable on 208V). 150 hp and Larger is 460V Only
1.15 Service Factor – Continuous
50 Hz Data on Nameplate – 190/ 380V at 1.0 S.F. 150 hp and Larger is 380V Only at 1.0 S.F.
Class F Insulation with Phenolic Alkyd Resin Varnish – 2 Dips and Bakes
Class B Temperature Rise
Oversized Main Conduit Box Rotatable in 90 Degree Increments – Fully Gasketed
F1 Mounted. F2 Available – See EXTRAS/OPTIONS Below
Designed for 40˚C Ambient Temperature – Note (1)
Designed for 3300 ft. Elevation – Note (2)
Factory Self Certified for Class 1, Div. 2, Groups B, C, D; Temp Code T3C, 400T and Below – Note (3)
Bidirectional Rotation
Cast Iron Frame, End Brackets, Pressed Steel Fan Cover and Conduit Box
Dual Drilled Feet – Longer Frames (i.e. 145T Drilled also for 143T)
1045 Carbon Steel Shaft
Aluminum Die Cast Squirrel Cage Rotor Construction
Paint System: Phenolic Rust Proof Base Plus Polyurethane Top Coat
Paint Color: Blue Gray – Munsell 7.5 BG 3.5/ .05
Vacuum De-Gassed Re-Greasable Bearings for Frames 280TS-449T/TS with Polyrex EM Grease
Double Shielded Bearings on Frames 140T-280T Pre-Packed with MULTEMP SRL Grease
Automatic Grease Discharge on Frames on Re-Greaseable Motors
Labyrinth Type Metal Flinger on Both Ends for Frames 280TS-449T/TS
Cast Iron Inner and Outer Bearing Caps for Frames 280TS-449T/TS
Rubber Flinger on Drive-End for Frames 140T – 280T
Grounding Terminal Inside Main Box
Stainless Steel Nameplate
Inverter Duty Magnet Wire Capable of Withstanding Voltage Spikes of Up to 2200 Volts
Precautions should be taken to eliminate or reduce shaft currents that may be imposed on the motor
by the VFD as stated per NEMA MG1 Part
Speed Ranges: 20:1 VT, 10:1 CT
VFD Rated per NEMA MG1, Part 30 – Note (4)
9 Leads – 5 hp and Below, 12 Leads 7.5 hp – 125 hp, 6 Leads – 150 hp and Larger
CE Mark on Nameplate, U.L. Recognized and CSA Approved



Additional Information

Weight 149 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 16 in